Worth a thousand words

My prompt for the day was to choose one photo that is worth a THOUSAND words. Every photo could be a thousand words, but I wanted motivating, excellent, and powerful words.

Searching through my photos, I found the “I am Amsterdam” sign. Amsterdam got it right when they created this advertisement.

“I am”… I am anything. I am more than what think I am and I am made for more. You are more than a mom, more than a sister, more than your job, more than you believe you can be. This is one of my biggest motivators – throughout life you will be so many things. You will be someone’s biggest cheerleader, you will be someone’s hero, you will be the best parent, you will be strong enough, you will be an adventurer… a photography, a bartender, a lover, a friend, a newcomer, an expert, a teacher, a guru, a motivator, a hard worker, etc. You can be anything you want to be, just don’t be afraid to define yourself as such.

Too often, people put themselves in a box and stay in that box. Honeypot, I beg of you, don’t stay in that box. 20-year-old you is in there, screaming to get out and accomplish all the thoughts and dreams you have had. Be every part of the “I am” and own it, girl.

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