The Perfect Writing Place

The white painted window pane is cracked just slightly, allowing a soft breeze to brush my face at the most opportune moment. Just when I am stumped, the cool touch wakes me back up and sparks life into my thoughts. Sunlight pours into the room and splays across my desk and the floor, illuminating my thoughts and all the good things about the day.

I am surrounded by my favorite aged and modern books propped open allowing the dusty and just off the press scent to mix and engulf the room. The warm cup of coffee filling the air with earthy tones taking me back to life on the farm, warming my body from my fingertips to my heart. My lap is full of white fur surrounding the heavy breathing coming from my dog curled up in a tiny ball prepping for the long session of cuddling and creating.

Touching the cool keys of my laptop, I start allowing my brain to wander to worlds familiar and deeply unknown…

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