Life is all about choices… What will I eat today? Will I have the conversation with that person? What should I do to progress at work? Should I apply for that job? Should I buy that plane ticket? All these choices have the chance to change your life.

One choice in particular for me was choosing to go to Europe. I was in the midst of PT school and longed for an adventure. None of my friends, not even I should have afforded to go, but I was going to make it happen. My choice to go to Europe for 5 weeks led me to a life changing experience. There were some absolutely great moments and some moments that I wish I hadn’t experienced. But, there it was, laid out like a book: the good, the bad, the new experiences, and the beautiful friendships. To reminisce on a few and dangle the beauty of it in front of you… drinking wine by the Trevi fountain, paddle boarding on the Mediterranean, learning to cook paella, swimming and cruising along the Greek Islands, watching an opera with a 7 course meal in Rome, somehow managing to get 4 bottles of wine in my purse, white water rafting through the Swiss Alps, eating French macaroons at the Palace of Versailles… I could go on and on. And I will, someday.

Then a friend that I met on the trip set me up with a friend of hers who ended up housing me while I did a clinical in Colorado, and that turned into another whole adventure. Because of the couple I lived with, I learned to french braid, I got better at pole dancing (it’s a REAL workout, guys), I learned how to crochet, I ate authentic Korean food, and I even learned how to cook authentic Korean food.

I’m sure more and more things will turn up from that one choice. But my point is, make a choice, maybe make the safe choice or the daring choice or maybe the foolish choice, but in the end just choose something and give it 110%. In my words, don’t “half ass” something, you’ve gotta “whole ass” it.

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