15 Things to Learn in your 20s

I’m 26, and spent the past 25 years of my life working hard to pay for school and studying hard to get my doctorate. I had no clue what a hobby was, I had no clue that free time existed in chunks bigger than 20 minutes. Now that I am done with school – I spend a lot of time trying something new and searching for what I want to learn next!

  1. Ukulele (or piano or guitar or whatever it is you have your heart set on). Maybe this is my creative bone talking, but can you imagine busting out your ukulele on a Hawaiian beach? Or the piano at your next Christmas party?
  2. Another language. Our world is HUGE and speaking only one language limits our experience. I’m currently working on being more fluent in Spanish.
  3. The right amount of light and water for all my indoor plants. Houseplants and outdoor plants are becoming the new thing. I added lemongrass to my collection JUST today…along with a Jade plant. Don’t judge me.
  4. Cappuccino/latte art. This one is just plain cool. Even if you don’t like coffee, think how amazed someone would be if you could make them a feather.
  5. Money management – investing and insurance. What are those words even saying? I bought a house this year and most of the process was me googling words to understand the jargon.
  6. Become a grill master. Or at least be able to cook a burger. Or if you’re vegetarian, how to grill up some mean asparagus. Cooking is an essential to living well and eating well.
  7. Have a staple dish that I NAIL every time. We will all be entertaining at some point, and probably entertaining for someone we want to impress. It is a huge relief to have a meal that you know will impress!
  8. Learn good self control about indulgences. I can’t say this one enough. Your wallet and your mind will thank you. Clothing, drinking, eating, etc. Learning self control in your 20s is a big life lesson, and will set you up for success in your future.
  9. Master the hangover recovery. Some people never get hangovers, likely because they’ve learned the trick to drinking or eating the right concoction the night before. I’m currently raving about “PartySmart” hangover cures (google it)!
  10. How to be a good friend. To some people this comes inherently, but to most, there is a bit of effort. There is nothing better than having a good friend, so you have to be one first.
  11. Find your tribe. Who do you like to be around? What kind of people are your people?
  12. Traveling alone. You may not be a solo adventurer, and that’s okay, but you want to feel confident getting from place to place without the anxiety or fear of being alone.
  13. Reading a map. Someday your phone will be dead.
  14. When to ask for help. Again, someday google will be out of reach. Or you’ll hurt your back trying to maneuver that thing that’s too big.
  15. Last of all, learn love yourself. If you don’t, no one else will. ❀

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